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   Dr. Geremy Forman is a graduate of the University of Haifa (2005), and was a Lady Davis postdoctoral research fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2004-2005) and a Visiting Professor of International Studies at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia (2006).
His areas of interest include land law in Israel and Palestine, historical geography and legal geography, Jewish-Arab socio-spatial relations, and the history of Jewish nation building and the state of Israel. While continuing his research on the history of the Israeli land regime, he has taught in Israel and the United States on a variety of topics including legal geography, Israeli history, Israeli land law, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. His current writing projects include a number of articles on the role of Israeli courts and judicial doctrine in the Jewish-Arab struggle for land in Israel, and two books on components of the Israeli land regime during the 1950s and 1960s.
His publications include:
- “Re-Approaching the Borders of Nazareth (1948-1956): Israel’s Control of an all Arab City.” In Mark Levine and Sandy Sufian (eds.) Re-Approaching the Border: Toward a New Historiography of Palestine/Israel (Lanham: Rowman Littlefield, forthcoming, 2007).
- “Law and the Historical Geography of the Galilee: Israel’s Litigatory Advantages during the Special Operation of Land Settlement“, Journal of Historical Geography 32(2006), pp.796-817.
- “Military Rule, Political Manipulation, and Jewish Settlement: Israeli Mechanisms for Controlling Nazareth in the 1950s.” Journal of Israeli History 25(2) (Sept. 2006), pp. 335-359.
- “From Arab Lands to ‘Israel Lands’: The Legal Dispossession of the Palestinians Displaced by Israel in the Wake of 1948.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 22/6 (Dec. 2004), pp. 809-830 (with Alexandre Kedar).
- “Colonialism, Colonization and Land Law in Mandate Palestine: The Zor al-Zarqa / Barrat Qisarya Land Disputes in Historical Perspective.” Theoretical Inquiries in Law 4/2 (July 2003), pp. 491-539 (with Alexandre Kedar).
- “Settlement of Title in Northern Israel in Light of Sir Ernest Dowson’s Colonial Guiding Principles.” Israel Studies 7/3 (Fall 2002), pp. 61-83.

Summary of G.I.F. Research Projects of Dr. Alexandre Kedar and Dr. Geremy Forman  
  As part of the G.I.F. funded project “Out of Place – Ethnic Migration Nation-State Formation and Property Regimes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Israel,” our research includes four projects which explore the relationship among the displacement of Israel’s Palestinians in 1948, the appropriation of their property, the evolution of the Israeli land regime, and Israeli nation-state formation.
The first project is entitled “The Land (Settlement of Title) Ordinance Amendment of 1960 and the History of Formative Israeli Land Legislation,” and examines the legislation that transferred land settlement adjudication from the “settlement officers” of the Justice Ministry to the district courts in the context of the formative Israeli land legislation of 1948-1960.
The second project -  “From Galilee to Haifa to Jerusalem and Back: Developing Doctrines of Dispossession in 1950s-1960s Israel” - employs an innovative legal-historical-geographic approach to the evolution of the Israeli judicial doctrines that made it increasingly difficult for Galilee Arabs to win land settlement battles against the state during the 1950s and 1960s.
Our third project, entitled “Constructing Marginality through Illegality: Israeli Law and the Bedouins of the Negev,” investigates and challenges the legal construction of the Bedouins as illegal trespassers inhabiting “unrecognized villages” in the Negev desert. Our fourth project will explore the evolution and functioning of Israel’s land allocation regime between 1948 and 1970.


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