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Spring Semester 2017


Israel Praktikum


Sarah Lebert

Sarah Lebert is doing her Bachelor of Arts in English and Jewish studies at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen, Germany. She has gained experience in education before by working at an elementary school and teaching music. 2011/12 she did voluntary work in Israel and England through which she has obtained intercultural experience. She speaks German and English and is currently learning Hebrew.


Leah Olbricht

Leah Olbricht studies political science in Göttingen, Germany. She completed a voluntary political year at the Willy-Brandt-House Lübeck. In her spare time she enjoys badminton, singing and doing voluntary work for the local group of Amnesty International.


Winter Semester 2016-2017

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Magdalena Jehle

Magdalena Jehle completed her studies in 2015 at the Ludwig– Maximilians -University in Munich with a B.Sc. in German Literature. She is currently studying at the Technical University in Chemnitz for her Master’s degree in ‘European Integration’. After her internship she is planning to take part on an exchange semester at the law department at the University of Zagreb/Croatia.





Fatih Sarac

Fatih Sarac completed his B.A. in Political Science and Turkology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz / Germany. He did an internship at the parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate to gain experience at the process of political practice and the advice of the parliamentarians. Furthermore he is scholarship holder of the University of Mainz which ensures the funding of the program "Israel / Middle Eastern" for appropriate students. He speaks German, English and Turkish. Currently, he is learning Hebrew and doing a joint internship at the Haifa Center for German and European Studies and the Bucerius Institute. After his stay in Israel he wants to start with a M.A program in Political Science / International Relations.



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Rob Wessel

Rob Wessel has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Bremen and is currently studying for his Master’s degree in European Integration at the Technical University of Chemnitz. After the six month internship he is going to write his master thesis about European migration law.



Bewerbungsfoto 4 henri


Henri Sandt

Henri Sandt is doing his B.A. in History and Media Science at the University of Siegen, Germany. After a study trip to Israel and the Westbank, he decided to stay in Israel and is currently working as an intern at the Bucerius Institute. After his internship, he wants to write his B.A. thesis that is related to the history of the Jews in Germany before 1933.



Summer Semester 2016


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Tobias Gerhard Schminke

Tobias Gerhard Schminke is doing his Bachelor of Arts of Communications and Media and Political Science at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Since July 2015 he has been studying at the Haifa University. He is scholarship holder by the German National Academic Foundation (SdDV), which the largest organization sponsoring students of outstanding academic achievements in Germany. He speaks German, English and Swahili. Since May 2015, he is deputy editor in chief of the magazine treffpunkteuropa that focuses on European politics. Currently, he is learning Hebrew and doing a full-time internship at the Haifa Center for German and European studies.



Spring Semester 2016



Zora Piskačová

Zora Piskačová is doing her B.A. in History and Germanic Studies at the Franklin University Switzerland. She is an active member of the Honors Society and works as a teaching assistant in the Department of Communications. In the past year, she has co-founded the Lugano section of International Students of History Association (ISHA) and became one of its leading board members.

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Roberta Koulahoue

Roberta Koulahoue was born in Togo and grew up in Germany. Currently, she is a student at the University of Bremen and pursuing a Bachelor degree in Political Science, Media and Communication. She was a scholarship holder by the Robert Bosch Foundation and speaks four different languages. Roberta Koulahoue is actively involved in different social projects including a peer to peer project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (BPB) in Germany. From March to August 2015, she worked as a volunteer for the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO in Lusaka, Zambia.



                                                Winter Semester 2015-2016                                               

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Sarah Sudikatis         

Sarah Sudikatis is doing a BA Degree in Linguistics and Science of Education at the University of Bremen.


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Jan Wilkens

Jan Wilkens studies Jewish Studies and the History and Culture of the Middle East in Berlin. He supports the Bucerius Institute during his academic year at Haifa University.



   Summer Semester 2015


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Kateryna Solopova

B.A. Social Studies History, University of Bremen



   Spring Semester 2015













Miriam Lange

B.A. Middle East Studies, Ludwig Maximilan University of Munich.


Internship report




Julia Buchterkirchen

Julia Buchterkirchen is completing her M.A. Degree in International Area Studies at the University of Halle, and does contemporary dance at a theater.


 Dana Prasilova


Dana Prasilova

Dana Prasilova is completing her M.A. degree in German Literature at the University of Konstanz.Her master thesis shall provide a profound analysis of the Jewish legend of the Golem.



   Winter Semester 2014-2015


Marco Foelsch

Master Degree in Political Science focusing on International and European Politics at the University Bamberg. He volunteered at Kfar Ofarim, a home and day care Institute for grown ups wit autism.


Nina Schroeter

B.A. Degree in American Studies and History at the Universitz of Nottingham. She was part of the Model United Nations Comittee in Nottingham.






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