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Completed Research (Scholarships Recipients)

Completed Post-Doctoral Research


Dr. Geremy Formann: GIF Project: Out of place: Ethnic Migration, Nation State Formation and Property Regimes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Israel


Dr. Lena Arava Novotny: History of the Jews in Czechoslovakia in the years 1945 – 1989


Dr. Danna Piroyansky: Ramle Remade: The Israelisation of an Arab Town, 1948-1967 (Pardes, 2014) Ramle Remade: The Israelisation of an Arab Town, 1948-1967 (Pardes, 2014)


Dr. Danna Piroyansky: GIF Project: Out of place: Ethnic Migration, Nation State Formation and Property Regimes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Israel.


Dr. Anne Rothe: Memory and Self-identity of German Gentiles in Israel - an Oral History Project


Completed Ph.D. Dissertations


Dr. Ari Ofengenden: Secularization as a Passion for Absence: a Historically Situated Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Abraham Shlonsky's Contribution to Hebrew Culture


Dr. Arthur Abramov: The Printing Press and its Implications


Dr. Julia Berenstein: Identity Construction among Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union to Israel and Germany through Food Practices


Dr. Gal Engelhard: Institutionalized Visits of German-born Jews and their offspring to their Native Hometowns


Dr. Tamar Gazit: The Jewish Community of Breslau, 1933-1943


Dr. Ronit Fisher: Jewish-Christian Neighbor Relations in Multinational Border Regions in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust: Romania as a Case Study


Dr. Steffen Hagemann: Between Quietism and Violence – Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel and Protestant Fundamentalism in the USA


Dr. Laura Katharina Jockusch: Collect and Record! Help to Write the History of the Latest Destruction! Jewish Historical Commissions in Europe, 1943-1953


Dr. Naama Harel: Animal Presentation in Kafka's Work


Dr. Rachel Hart: The Relation of the Jewish Community to the Arab Community in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, 1881-1930
Book Review


Dr. Juergen Lillteicher: The Restitution of Jewish Property in West Germany. The Experience of Persecution, Politics and the German "Rechtsstaat" 1945 - 1969


Dr. Nurit Pagi: From Ideological to Poetic Change: Ethics, Politics and Poetics in the Literary Works of Max Brod


Dr. Ezequiel Posesorsky: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Ideas of the Forgotten German Self-Thinker August Ludwig Huelsen (1765-1809)


Dr. Leonid Rein: Collaboration in Belorussia during the Second World War and its Place in German Occupation Politics, 1941-1944


Dr. Bea Schroettner: Portuguese and Spanish Attitudes towards Refugees during the Second World War (Working Title)


Dr. Dimitry Shumsky: Czech-German Jewry, the Prague Zionists, and the Origins of the Bi-National Approach in Zionism, 1890-1918


Dr. Anja Siegemund: Utopia in Palestine? - German Zionists and the Idea of Verstaendigung between Jews and Arabs, from its beginning to 1948


Dr. Olaf Terpitz:: The Image of the Shtetl in Russian Jewish literature after the Holocaust


Dr. Svetlana Weinstein: Encounters between the Russian Community in Germany and the German Society in the Period between 1918-1935


Lea Wohl: And After the Holocaust? - Depictions of Jewish Characters in German Feature Films after 1945


Dr. Rakefet Zalashik:The Development of Psychiatry in Palestine and Israel, 1892-1960


Completed Ph.D. Dissertations of Lahnstein Scholarship Recipients


Elena Keidosiute: Jewish Conversions in Lithuanian Territory in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: The Influence of German Christian and Anti-Semitic Ideas 

Read the Abstract of the Thesis


Dr. Sebastian Korinth: Silent Reading Speed: Individual Differences and Training: Brain Activity, Behavior and Eye-Movement Measures


Kamil Kijek: The Political generation of the 30-s and Jewish Political Consciousness before the Shoah: The Evolution of political values of the Jewish Community in Interwar Poland


"Children of Modernism. Political Consciousness and Socialization of Jewish Youth in Interwar Poland". PhD. Publication of Kamil Kijek


Katharina Friedla: The Jewish community in Breslau and in Wrocław: Jewish – German and Jewish – Polish worlds in Breslau (1918-1945) and in Wrocław (1945-1968)


Dr. Jannis Panagiotidis: Laws of Return? Co-Ethnic Immigration to West Germany and Israel (1948-1992)


Completed M.A. Thesis


Michal Bental: Sigmar Polke's Works during the Years 1962-1970


Hilla Ohayon: The Nazi Persecution of the "Jehovah's Witnesses", 1933-1945


Martin Dobes: Aryanization in Vienna


Oded Fishbine: Pedagogy in Immigration


Oshrat Hochman (Ben-Zeev): National Identity, Chauvinism and Citizenship: A Better Understanding of Exclusion from Citizenship in Ethno-National States


Claudia Kedar: The International Monetary Fund, 1944-1960


Micha Limor: The German Roots of the Hebrew Modern Private Press


Christian Lücking: Governmental (Re-)Actions and Functioning of the Political System in Times of Terroristic Threat – Israel 1978-2005


Lilach Marom: Action Reconciliation Service for Peace


Michal Maroz : German-Israeli youth exchange programs


Meron Mendel: Returning to the "Estranged Homeland": Return Migration from Israel to Germany (1933-1967)


Viola Rautenberg: Jewish Resistance against the Shoah


David Rees: Gershom Scholem: The German Years


To read the Thesis, click please here


Amal Salih: Hannes Meyer at the Bauhaus (1927-1930)


Robert Sheer: Imagination and the Question of Freedom in Kant, Fichte and Schelling


Rafi Siano: Benjamin Sagalowitz (1901 – 1970), a journalist against the Nazi’s


Ohad Somech: Behavioral - Economic Analysis of Negligence: Risk Aversion and Perception of Risk


LLM European Master in Law and Economics

Erasmus (Mundus) Program in Law and Economics


Asaf Kaprov: The Patentability of Software ERA: Economic Analysis of "Fair Use Defence" and its Application through Patent Protection


Nadja Mititel: International Taxation Policy& Harmonization of the Corporation Tax System in the European Union


Kiril Shefer: A welfare approach to the prohibition of statues which infringe basic constitutional rights for the purpose of national security in Germany and Israel






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