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Additional Cooperation

The following parties have decided to enter into a Framework of Academic Collaboration in order to promote, facilitate and consolidate international cooperation in education and research.This cooperation includes the following areas:

  • exchange of scholars
  • joint research projects
  • joint teaching and /or supervision of students
  • joint participation in workshops and / or conference days
  • exchange of students

The cooperation agreement will place the University of Haifa in the front row of reserach and research media in the fields of Race, Ethnicity and Racism.


Academic Cooperation Agreement with Simon-Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, Leipzig

The two Institutes agree to expand existing contacts and ongoing scientific collaboration between the two institutes in the field of study and will carry out a bilateral cooperation program in the field of Jewish history and German history and culture.

The two Institutes implement:

An exchange of researchers

  • Co-sponsering of Workshops
  • Cooperation in EU proposals
  • Facilitating academic relations with other local researchers
  • An exchange of technical expertise and information

Among the areas of cooperation are the following:

  • Historiography and History of Science
  • The significance of Jewish History for General History
  • From Transnational Empire to Nation-State. On the Reconfiguration of the Political Conditions of Jewish Lifeworlds in Inter-War Central and Eastern Europe
  • Jews in Multinationally Composed Politics


Additional Academic Contacts

The Bucerius Institute has numerous contacts and ongoing scientific collaboration between several Institutions and Universities:
Universities in Bremen

University of Bremen

Jacobs University Bremen

University of Applied Sciences Bremen



Hamburg Insitute for Social Research (HIS)
Institute for the History of German Jews, Hamburg
Social Sciences Research Center Berlin (WZB)
Chair of Jewish History and Culture, University of Munich
Leo Baeck Institute London
Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem
Department of Cultural Studies, Viadrina, Frankfurt a.d.Oder

Personal Contacts

Dr. Miriam Rürup, Director of the Institute of the History of the German Jews, University of Hamburg

Professor Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Director of the Center for Research on Antisemitism, Technical University, Berlin

Prof. Dan Diner, Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, Leipzig University

Prof. Dr. Uwe Hoßfeld, Head of the working group "Didactics of Biology", The University of Jena

Prof. Lorraine Daston, Executive Director, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin

Prof. Veronika Lipphardt, Research Group Director, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. And Professor of History of Knowledge Friedrich Meinecke Institute, Free University of Berlin.

Prof.Jürgen Renn, Director , Head of Department I:“Structural Changes in Systems of Knowledge” Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Berlin

Prof. Dr. Steffen Siegel, Art and Media Studies. Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena,

Prof. Peter Geimer, Director BildEvidenz. History and Aesthetics, Free University of Berlin

Prof. Michael Brenner. Chair of Jewish History and Culture, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Prof. Inge Marszolek, Institute for Cultural Studies, The University of Bremen





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