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2001 - 2002

June 13th, 2002

Marie Luise Knott: Limited Imagination: Represantation of the Holocaust in German Literature, 1945 - 1985


May 30th, 2002



May 23th, 2002



May 21st, 2002

Prof. Daniel Levi: Challenging a Law of Return: Germany's changing policies toward ethnic Germans


May 9th, 2002



May 2nd, 2002


April 22nd, 2002



April 11th, 2002




June 4th, 2001

Inauguration Ceremony for the Bucerius Center for Contemporary German History and Society : The Beginning - Retrospective:


March 6th, 2001

Dr. Michael Berkowitz,  Department of Hebrew


January 9th, 2001

Dr. Atina Grossmann, The Cooper Union, New York
"Antisemitism and Euthanasia"





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