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Ongoing Research (Scholarships Recipients)

Ongoing Post-Doctoral Research


Dr. Yael Ben-Moshe: The representations of terrorism in the age of new wars


Ongoing Ph.D. Dissertations


Deeb Abbas: Criminal Liability of Corporations


Julia Anspach: Antisemitismus im deutschen Heimatfilm nach 1945


Avivit Akshoti-Safir: How Do you Tell Children about the Holocaust? - The Representation of the Holocaust in Illustration and Text of Israeli and German Children's Literature


Michael Enderlein: “Living in a World Revolution” An approach to the life and work of Hans Kohn (1891–1971)


Zaid Falah: The Criminal Liability of the Arch-Criminal.The Head or Leader of a Criminal Organization for Offences Committed by a Member of the Organization to his Order


Tally Gur: Judaistik/Jewish Studies in Germany 1972-1989


Maya Hadar (The Graduate School of Decision Sciences of the University Konstanz in Germany): “The Europeanization of Germany’s Foreign Policy Towards the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict”


Anke Költsch: A Social and Cultural History of Jewish Converts between 1640 and 1792


Katharina Konarek: The German Political Foundations: NGO or Part of the Foreign Policy Machinery: The Case of Israel and Palestine


Anne Kunze: Amateur Photography of Nazi Camps in Germany


Simona Malá: Charlotte de Rothschild: Her Life in a Prism of Her Diaries


Liat Mandelbaum: Women Characters in the Babylonian Talmud Narratives: Fiction and Reality


Claudia Puttfarken: The ”Singularity of the Holocaust” – The history of a political and theological topos in post-war Germany

Viola Rautenberg: Gender History of the German-Jewish Immigration to Palestine in the 1930s


Ingedore Rüdlin: Das Buch Ruth in der jiddischen Tradition


Julia Werner: Photography as a Historical Source. Images from the "Jewish Ghetto Konstancia" in Kutno


Lahnstein Scholarships


Goda Volbikaite: Intercultural Aspects in Eastern European Jewish Literature


Matthias Naumann: Theatre of War- Strategies of presenting war in German and Israeli theatre after 1945


Emmanuel Deonna: The Origins and Early Developments of the World Jewish Congress


Agnieszka Oleszak: Sarah Schenirer and the History of Bais Yaako


Hubert Leber: West Germany's Policy towards Israel in the Begin Era (1977-1983)

Weitere Publikationen hier


Ongoing M.A. Theses


Dawoud Zini: The Relationship between Religion and State: Sharia Law in the Israeli Legal System Compared to “Religious Law” in the German Legal System





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