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 סיפרו של אהוד לוז: בין אמת לנאמנות – פילוסופיה פוליטית בהגותו של ליאו שטראוס 

Published with the support of Bucerius Institute  

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Book review from Tomer Persico 

Congratulations! Book Prize Award for our Research Fellow Dr. Anat Tzur Mahalel

The Bucerius Institute congratulates Dr. Cedric Cohen-Skalli on being chosen to the Board of Members of the Leo Baeck Institute in Jerusalem

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Our Research Fellow Mrs. Silvana Kandel-Lamdan won a grant from the Minerva Stiftung for the Project “What Do We Mean When We Talk About Jewish-Christian Dialogue?“

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ראיון בעיתון הארץ עם חוקרת המכון ד”ר ענת צור מהלאל על סיפרה “אנליזה מן העבר האחר מטופלי פרויד כותבים

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“Kindred Spirits in the Levant? German Jews in British Palestine”. New article from our Research Fellow Dr. des. Viola Alianov-Rautenberg

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לכתוב כמו כלב שחופר לעצמו בור, כמו חולדה שחופרת לעצמה מחילה” נרטיבים של פרידה מנקודת המבט של מטופלי פרויד. מאמר מאת חוקרת המכון, ד”ר ענת צור מהלאל

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סוד הדבר בכיסויו: קריאה משווה בתיאור המקרה ובממואר של “איש הזאבים”. מאמר מאת חוקרת המכון ד”ר ענת צור מהלאל

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Cohen’s Jewish and Imperial Politics during World War I. New article from Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli

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20 Years Bucerius Institute and 10th Bucerius Lecture

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Night of Philosophy on 10.6.2021

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“Longing for the British. German-Jewish Nostalgia for the Mandate”… and “Buber’s Incipient Bi-National View of the Land of Israel and the War Debate with Cohen”….

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Hebrew publication of the book of our Research Fellow, Dr. Anat Tzur Mahalel

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„Wir haben sie lange gesucht“: Drobizki Jar, 1941–2016. New Article for our Research Fellow, Dr. Natasha Gordinsky

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PhD price of the 53th German Historikertag for our Research Fellow Marie Ch. Behrendt

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“Are we dead?”: time in H. D.’s dialogue with Freud

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From Cravat to Khaki: Gender, Sexuality, and Change in the Immigration of Fritz Wolf to Mandate Palestine

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1700 Years of Jewish Community in Germany

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Podcast: Literatur im Dialog (Natasha Gordinsky und Katja Petrowskaja)

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New Article for our Adjunct Researcher Marie Behrendt

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Farewell to Revolution! Gustav Landauer’s Death and the Funerary Shaping of His Legacy

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Den Ort erzählen: Babij Jar in dem Roman Vielleicht Esther von Katja Petrwoskaja

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Doctoral Fellowship for our Adjunct Researcher Silvana Kandel Lamdan

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Reading Freud’s Patients Memoir, Narrative and the Analysand

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News 2020

We are happy to share an important contribution of Prof. Schulte (University of Potsdam) on the state of the Jewish Studies in Germany. Prof. Schulte taught several times at the University of Haifa in the framework of the DAAD exchange Program between the universities of Potsdam and Haifa.

To read the Article: 

Dr. Cedric Cohen Skali taught from February 20th to February 28th 2020 the course: “A brief history of Israel through a few seminal intellectual and political debates” at the distinguished University – Sciences Po Bordeaux. 

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