A new book edited by Cedric Cohen-Skalli: Skepsis and Antipolitics: The Alternative of Landauer.

Cedric Cohen-Skalli and Libera Pisano (ed.) Skepsis and Antipolitics: The Alternative of Gustav Landauer. Boston, Leiden: Brill, 2022

“A century after Landauer’s murder, this groundbreaking collection of remarkably rich essays sheds new light on his revolutionary radicalism, his spiritual longing for a renewal of human communities, his linguistic skepticism inseparable from his anarchist antipolitics, and his identities as a German and as a Jew. By brilliantly putting Landauer in dialogue with Simone Weil, Margarete Susman, Leo Baeck, Martin Buber—and above all with our own troubled times—the volume is as indispensable as it is illuminating.”  Vivian Liska, Director of the Institute of Jewish Studies, Professor of German Literature, Dept. Literature and Philosophy, University of Antwerp.


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