ScharfOrr 0164lightResearch Fellow – Dr. Orr Scharf 

Dr. Orr Scharf teaches at the Cultural Studies M.A. Program at The University of Haifa. His research explores the cross-fertilization of ideas and methodologies between Jewish and Christian thinkers, and the ways in which the historical evolution of the two faiths—from antiquity through the modern era—has shaped modern discourses in philosophy, theology, and related disciplines. He is author of Thinking in Translation: Scripture and Redemption in the Thought of Franz Rosenzweig (De Gruyter, 2019), and editor of volume 5 in the critical edition of Martin Buber’s complete works, Vorlesungen über Judentum und Christentum (Gütersloh, 2017). He has published articles on topics such as translation and cultural appropriation, theology and political thought, and on the impossibility of translation.