Adjunct Reseracher  – Niv Perelsztejn 

Niv Perelsztejn is a graduate student in the program for outstanding students of the Dept. of Jewish History at the University of Haifa, writing his M.A. thesis under the supervision of Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli on the interrelations between philosopher Emmanuel Levinas and Israeli intellectual arena, and Levinas’ early reception in Israeli academia. His research follows the course of Levinas’ biography and writings in France and in Germany, in French and in German, in their historical context and vis-à-vis writings of prominent Israeli scholars and public figures. His research implements historical work with philosophical reading, in order to interpret and understand both Levinas’ writings and Israeli intellectualism, alongside the social and cultural transformations that were intertwined in the reception of Levinas’ philosophical and Jewish writings in Israel.