Dr. Fabian Weber will receive our Manfred  Lahnstein Fellowship. He will conduct a research project on the topic: “Germany’s New Right and the Jews. Anti-Jewish agitation in Armin Mohler’s radical conservative network”

Fabian Weber studied Modern and Medieval History and German Literature at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich before he started working on his dissertation thesis in 2014. Supervised by Michael Brenner and Friedrich Wilhelm Graf, Weber dealt with Gentile perceptions of Zionism in the German Empire and the Weimar Republic. His book Projections on Zionism. Non-Jewish perceptions of Zionism in Germany 1897-1933 (“Projektionen auf den Zionismus. Nichtjüdische Wahrnehmungen des Zionismus im Deutschen Reich 1897-1933“), published in 2020, focuses on three different debates, regarding colonial publicists, anti-Semitic agitators and Christian protestant actors discussing Zionism. The Jewish national movement happened to be a screen for distinct desires, enmities and projections. Since 2018 Fabian Weber worked at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces (Universität der Bundeswehr) in Munich, where he started to research on German far-right extremism after 1945. Since April 2022 he is affiliated to the Institute for the History of the German Jews in Hamburg as a postdoctoral researcher on the project “Debates on Kosher slaughtering in Western Germany since 1945” which is funded by the German National Academic Foundation (DFG). This project focuses on political, legal and public debates on Shechita in Western Germany.