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Since October 2018, Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli is the new director of the Bucerius Institute. The Bucerius Institute deeply and warmly thanks its former director Prof. Amos Morris-Reich, who will stay as reseracher at the institute


Guest Lecture of Dr. Cedric Cohen-Skalli on Yitzhak Abarbanel, May 28th 2019. Tel Aviv University


Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli and the PhD Student Daniel Gross will give two lectures at the International Conference Back to Redemption Rosenzweig's Star 1919-2019, organized by Internationale Rosenzweig Gesellschaft, February 17th -20th 2019, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem


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Dr. Cedric Cohen Skalli spoke about The Resort Geistpolitik as part of the workshop „Deutscher Geist – Jüdischer Geist“ (University of Augsburg , Germany , 9.-11. Januar 2019)


New Articel: Cedric Cohen Skalli, "The motif of Anticipation and the First World War: Cohen, Benjamin and Rosenzweig", Guy Stroumsa (ed.), Comparative Studies in the Twenty-First Century, Israel Academy of Science and Humanities, Jerusalem, 2018, 55-88.


The Bucerius Institute congratulates Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel for earning the honorary degree of a Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa from the University of Haifa.


interview with Prof. Amos Morris-Reich to Impact  or http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/sil/impact/2017/00002017/00000005/art00032














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