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April 14th 2016


Mr. Doron Arazi: Ostracism, Acceptance, Admiration: German Brands in Israel between Holocaust Memory and Consumer Pragmatism, 1929-2016

14:30 - 16:00 Library Auditorium [Room 146], Main Building


March 31st 2016


Dr. Giacomo Petrarca: The concept of silence in Franz Rosenzweig and Henri Bergson: a comparison

14:30 – 16:00 Library Auditorium [Room 146], Main Building


March 17th 2016


Prof. Derek Penslar: Theodor Herzl, Race and Empire

14:30 – 16:00 Library Auditorium [Room 146], Main Building


March 16th 2016


New Gatekeeper in a Globalized World? The Israeli Transparency Bill

9:00- 13:30 Student Club, the Students Dormitories, University of Haifa


March 15th 2016


Dr. Herbert Lappe:The Holocaust Remembrance in Former East Germany (GDR)

14:15 – 15:45 Senate Room, 29th Floor, Eshkol Tower


January 25th 2016


The 11th Annual Workshop for young researcher of German history and culture


January 7th, 2016


Prof. Richard Wolin: Metapolitics". Anti-Semtism and the History of Being in Heidegger's Black Note Books


November 26th, 2015


Dr. Tamar Gazit: In the Talons of the Third Reich. Willy Cohn's Diary 1933-1941

Vanue: Library Auditorium, Room 146, 14:00-16:00





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